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Project – “Recycle Bins in Parks” with the City of Windsor

Our voices have been heard, but this operation is NOT over.
Hello, eco fam!  For over 1 year, we have actively been in contact with City of Windsor council members, and staff, to advocate the need for recycle bins in all parks.
The City’s current budget only allows funding for 10 recycle silos to be placed yearly.  We first questioned why such popular parks have zero recycle bins.
The City heard our questions, and they have taken this into consideration. We have been informed us that 28 new playgrounds are being installed, and these parks will now have recycle bins. We will soon know if they will have both Blue bin recycling, and Red bin.

Lanspeary Park – zero recycle bins
Willestead Park – zero recycle bins
Jackson Park – zero recycle bins
Riverside – zero recycle bins along pathway from Ouelette @ Riverside to Curry @ Riverside
Malden Park – zero recycle bins


Article by Dr. Krithika Muthukamaran

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Article written by Dr. Krithika Muthukumaran

Dr. Muthukumaran is an advocate for an eco-friendly lifestyle. She is very passionate about making change in the community she lives in and she is always searching for new knowledge. Dr. Muthukumaran expressed interest in writing an article for Waste Free in Windsor, and of course we said yes! She is also a medical writer and this is her first article for Waste Free in Windsor. Enjoy!

The Villain Named Plastic

We have been hearing about the environmental impact of plastic straws a lot recently. Seattle banned plastic straws, U.K will ban sales of plastic straws by the end of this year and Starbucks plans to eliminate plastic straws globally by the year 2020. Yes, a single use plastic straw is a small part of the big problem, but they do end up in landfills and oceans, hence a small step could lead to a much needed change in our attitude and behaviour.


Nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year, 91% of which is not recycled. Our trash continues to reach the middle of the ocean, and the marine animals suffer as they get tangled in or eat the plastic, suffocate and starve. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year. If you wish to be more aware of the waste you generate and do more than just stop using plastic straws, here are the other plastic items commonly found in ocean clean ups.

1) Cigarettes butts (contains plastic fibers)
2) Food wrappers
3) Beverage bottles (plastic)
4) Bottle caps
5) Grocery bags
6) Foam take-out containers

In biology, decomposition is a natural process where dead animals or plants are broken down to simpler forms by the action of air, water, light or microorganisms.


Decomposition is important for the ecosystem. However, plastic is one of the types of waste that takes a very long time to decompose, and in landfills, they can take up to 1000 years to decompose. The toxic effects of plastic are numerous, the toxic chemicals from the plastic waste can affect our health, the groundwater, wildlife, and poison our food chain.

Being aware of the damages caused by plastic can lead to creative solutions and alternatives. Some alternatives to plastic straws are bamboo straws and steel straws, or the no straw, drink straight from the cup option.

Start making changes and say no to plastic!


Windsor Beaches: Amazing, Nearby, and Safe for Swimming

beach monitor quality clean map 1 rosanna demarco allie miner waste free in windsor

This heat calls for a day at the beach! Sandpoint Beach is a gem in the city, with wheelchair accessibility, lifeguards, recycle bins, and washrooms. As a matter of fact, it is a 7 minute walk from one of the Lauzon 10 bus stops.

Check the following link for weekly updates provided by the Health Unit. Below are images from the site.

Map                                                                                           List of Beaches, clean status.

beach monitor quality clean map 1 rosanna demarco allie miner waste free in windsor             beach monitor quality clean list rosanna demarco allie miner waste free in windsor

beach monitor quality clean    SO SIMPLE. ENJOY!


2 facts of Animal Deaths Due to the Current Plastic Overload

In May 2018, a study was released that tested birds and their deaths. 90% of the birds tested had died from consuming too much plastic. The stomach becomes full of plastic so they cannot feel hunger; therefore, they lack nutrients, and die.  See the source image
Within another study (also conducted by Tg2 – Dossier, an Italian documentary series), a fish’s death that was studied discovered SIXTY different forms of plastic within their stomach.
These 2 facts are more than enough to encourage us to consider what we use in our daily lives.  May these animals’ deaths be considered.
Think global, act local. Let’s do this, Windsor.



Recycling at Carrousel of the Nations (Week 1 of 2)

WasteFreeInWindsor contacted several of this year’s “villages” suggesting that Rosanna can get large recycle bins in place for their festival.  Festivals definitely create lots that is trashed, or can be recycled!

We called the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) to have large bins in place for some festivals. EWSWA offers large recycle bins to be dropped off, and picked up.

Polish Village, and Filipino Village, took the offer to have large bins. Both facilities do recycle regularly but were content with having these considering the volume of guests.

Hungarian Village, Greek Village, and Romanian Village, placed their own recycle bins out for the fest. Caribbean Village, and Scottish Village were contacted and we are excited to share if recycling was considered.

As for the fests this upcoming weekend, the Caribbean Village is Fri-Sun. The other villages we were able to contact were the Italian, and Slovak. Furthermore, WasteFreeInWindsor will contact more villages to promote a eco-friendly event.