World Recycling?


I am going to Montreal this summer for one month! This means I have A LOT of research I have to do so I can make sure to recycle the right way when I am there!

Today, I want to address a common mistake when it comes to recycling. We often see a recycling symbol with a number on it and we think this means the item can be recycled anywhere in the world. This is not true.


I am going to be 100% honest with you–I do not know ANYTHING about these numbers. I am sure they are actually important, but for now I just want to know how to recycle in WINDSOR (and Montreal). The recycle symbol tells you that they are recyclable, but they don’t tell you WHERE you can recycle them. For example, let’s look at a Tim Horton’s lid.


A lot of people I know see that lovely recycle symbol and think “Yes! I can recycle it.”

I am sorry to say but you CANNOT RECYCLE TIM HORTON’S LIDS 😦

See, the lids are recyclable–just not in Windsor.

This is why I gave you some online resources a few days ago– so you can find out how to recycle the things you use!

One day, I will find out what the numbers inside of the recycle sign mean and I will let you know.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is where you are in the city.

For example, many MacDonald’s and Tim Horton’s have those fancy recycle bins in their store front, but very often it actually all ends up in the garbage.

As often as I can, I bring my recycles home and recycle them the right way!

Please ask questions. If there is anything you want me to talk about–let me know!

Thanks for reading,



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