Red vs. Blue

This post is dedicated to two people.
First, my Aunt Shelly, because she is really good at recycling in Amherstburg & Windsor and always texts me with questions.
Second, my friend Zane Wong because he is really good at sorting his recycles and he loves the web television series Red vs. Blue from Rooster Teeth, which is what the title of this blog post and the below picture is inspired by.

There are red bins, and blue bins.

This is actually VERY IMPORTANT for recycling in Windsor.

Many people think sorting your recycles is not necessary, but it is!

How it works:

  1. There are two spots in the recycle truck, one for ‘red’ recycles and one for ‘blue’ recycles.
  2. The truck goes to the EWSWA and brings the red items to the ‘red’ building and the blue items to the ‘blue’ building.
  3. If red items make it to the blue building, they throw the red items in the garbage. Vice versa for blue items and red building.

If you want your recycles to get recycled, you need to sort them.

Here is a video, that shows that the recycle truck has two different spaces for each type of recyclable item.

See how the piece of metal is opening and closing. This is giving the truck 2 spaces for recycles, one space for blue bin and one space for red bin. Recycle so it counts.

I heard the truck one day after school and I ran to the man in the truck and asked him if I could video! Next time, I want to get a video with him explaining how it works. If this video does not make things clear for you, wait for the next video!

Now I will give you a bit of starting information for what goes in the red bin and what goes in the blue bin.

Allie Miner

If you can rip it, you can recycle itin the red bin.jpg

EWSWA gave me a good tip. They told me a rule that works most often with the red bin is if you are able to rip the item, you can recycle the item.

Red Bin is for paper items. Examples:

  • paper towel/toilet paper rolls
  • cardboard packaging 
  • paper take out boxes
  • paper calendars
  • post-it notes 
  • paper tags from clothing 
  • boxboard with plastic window (ex. pasta boxes) 
    • removing plastic is not required but it is appreciated! 

Now for the blue bin.

The blue bin is for materials such as plastic, glass, metals, tin and aluminum. Examples:

  • aerosol cans (ex. hairspray)
    • take the lid off and throw in garbage
  • sour cream/margarine plastic tubs
    • take off lid and RECYCLE
  • milk cartons 
  • juice tetra packs 
    • throw away straw and straw wrapper first
  • aluminum foil 
  • pickle jars
    • take off lid and recycle separately 
  • pop cans
    • first crush them

There are so many things that I could tell you now, but I think I have written enough for this post. I will post often with single items and tell you red/blue/garbage. The more often you think “red or blue?” the easier it gets, I promise!

Please comment with questions. I will post again next week.

Thanks for reading.



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