What about straws?

Unfortunately, Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority does not have the ability to recycle straws.

To be clear: STRAWS HAVE TO GO IN THE GARBAGE–in Windsor.

Allie Miner Allie Miner

This is why I bought my own reusable metal straw from

ShopEco in Walkerville area–1645 Wyandotte St E

I keep one at home and one in my car!

Whenever I remember, I also ask for no straw in my drinks when I am out.

Check out this video.

This restaurant has the right idea, lots of small steps can equal a big change.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “What about straws?

  1. Loved the video! They used 1.5 million straws a year and now they don’t use any. It really is true that one small act leads to huge results!!!

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