How to recycle a McFlurry

Allie Miner

Last week I enjoyed a McFlurry. It was delicious. Now what? Spoon+cap goes in the blue bin and bottom goes in the red bin?

Plastic cutlery cannot go in the recycle. Sadly, if you put the McFlurry spoon in the blue bin, Windsor/Essex recycling those it in the garbage.

 Allie Miner

Allie MinerBottom paper part goes in the red bin.

Allie MinerPlastic cap goes in the blue bin.

Allie Miner  Plastic spoon goes in the garbage.

I don’t make the recycling rules for Windsor I just follow them.

I always try and bring it home to recycle because I have heard rumours that McDonalds does not recycle.

Allie Miner


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