Recycling: Better for your wallet!

Allie Miner

EWSWA is Windsor’s resource to help us put less garbage at the curb. If you have a large amount of items or just any items that you do not know what to do with, you should check to see if you can recycle it! If you don’t check and just bring it to the garbage, you will most likely have to pay (unless you are using curb side garbage of course). It is 100% a better option for the Earth and most often the better option for your wallet to recycle the items you no longer need!

Check out this video learn about a few things you can recycle at the EWSWA.

You may also be wondering what to do with your electronics such as toasters, microwaves, cameras, cell phones, scanners, speakers… and so much more.

Click here to see a list of the accepted materials.

**Clear important information from electronics such as cell phones or computers before recycling.

I keep a small bin in my bedroom for all of the small electronics that I drop off monthly. Broken headphones and chargers are a big reason I go. These items do not need to go into the landfill so I bring them to EWSWA for free.

Allie Miner

Allie Miner

Also remember if the items are still working to donate them! The Windsor Youth Centre is the first place I think to donate.

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