Exciting News for Waste Free in Windsor!

Hello Everyone!

I have been waiting for this moment for a few years now, where I can officially say that I have a REAL eco partner! I would like to introduce you to my very good friend Rosanna Demarco. We met in our first year of undergrad where we realized that we shared a passion for creating positive energy in the environment around us. For many years we dreamed and talked about many ideas about advocating for social justice here in Windsor.

We both were clearly becoming more and more interested in the environment. It was with Rosanna’s shared passion that helped me to start Waste Free in Windsor. Her and I both craved having a platform for our passion to create something positive in Windsor. Finally, I launched Waste Free in Windsor and Rosanna was excited.

A few months after I started blogging Rosanna brought up the idea to do Waste Free in Windsor together. When she suggested that, I felt that I had found the missing piece to the blog.

I would like to officially introduce Rosanna Demarco as my partner for Waste Free in Windsor. We will use this blog as a platform to showcase the way we interact with the environment in Windsor.

This blog now officially belongs both to myself and Rosanna. It is one of our passions and is always on our minds. We now have somewhere to document our projects so we can grow, and we hope to inspire and educate others.


Rosanna Demarco, Allie Miner
This picture is a picture Rosanna and I having fun at an eco presentation with a few primary classes at St. Angela’s School.

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