Social Media Challenge

Hello supporters from Essex & Windsor, Saskatchewan, Australia and India!

We had a social media challenge a while back and we were going to pick one winner. With consideration to the amount of submissions we received, Rosanna and I have decided that we will feature all submissions.

Thank you to Natalie for participating. Natalie bought a reusable, metal straw from ShopEco because she knows that straws cannot be recycled here in Windsor/Essex.

Allie Miner, Rosanna Demarco


Allie Miner, Rosanna DemarcoAllie Miner, Rosanna Demarco

Thank you to Krithika for show casing her Mom’s daily hard work to compost and reduce waste in her home in Chennai, India, despite the governments neglect of waste management.


Thank you to Krithika’s mom, Subathra for sharing the information about your use of these pots made of clay, to make compost in order to improve soil quality for your plants!




Angela, thank you for sharing this picture of you and your fine clothes line. Angela gives the Earth a break by letting her towel dry naturally instead of making the Earth work hard by producing energy to make her dryer work.

Rosanna Demarco, Allie Miner



Thank you, Kimberley for reminding everyone to recycle, and recycling very carefully when you were here in Windsor. Hopefully she kept it up when you were back in Australia ;).

Rosanna Demarco, Allie Miner



Last but not least, thank you Natasha for using a reusable water bottle instead of using a single use water bottle.Rosanna Demarco, Allie Miner



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