Costco Food Court Will Recycle Again!

Costco [of Windsor] will recycle once again in their food court after having considered Waste Free In Windsor‘s suggestion.

Management staff gathered Feb. 26, and confirmed they will place a Blue Box in the food court. In the future, they may consider placing a red bin as well.

The food court did have recycling in place before; however, it had been removed since staff found that too much trash was being improperly disposed of in the Red and Blue boxes.   Management is content with having Blue Box / container recycling again in the food court.

Furthermore, Costco of Windsor also recycles cardboard, prescription bottles, “Shrink” wrap (plastic wrapping around shipment crates), and provides recycle bins for staff and clients at front cashier tills.

Here are some “next steps” to consider – 1) Are Costco clients now disposing too many paper products in this Blue Box?  2) How will Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) consider businesses that have an excess amount of paper products in loads that are meant for Blue Box recycling?

     Thank you, Costco staff.

– some items from the Costco food court that can be recycled



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