Recycling at Carrousel of the Nations (Week 1 of 2)

WasteFreeInWindsor contacted several of this year’s “villages” suggesting that Rosanna can get large recycle bins in place for their festival.  Festivals definitely create lots that is trashed, or can be recycled!

We called the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) to have large bins in place for some festivals. EWSWA offers large recycle bins to be dropped off, and picked up.

Polish Village, and Filipino Village, took the offer to have large bins. Both facilities do recycle regularly but were content with having these considering the volume of guests.

Hungarian Village, Greek Village, and Romanian Village, placed their own recycle bins out for the fest. Caribbean Village, and Scottish Village were contacted and we are excited to share if recycling was considered.

As for the fests this upcoming weekend, the Caribbean Village is Fri-Sun. The other villages we were able to contact were the Italian, and Slovak. Furthermore, WasteFreeInWindsor will contact more villages to promote a eco-friendly event.


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